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Salvatore Damiata, Social Skills Coach

I was not sure on which platform to use to capture leads to develop my business and Angelo helped me not only choosing it but also strategizing with the overall development of my business. Apart from that I found his personal experience and advices very insightful.

Do You Need More Clarity?

Do you frequently feel stuck in your business?

Don't you know if a particular idea or decision is the right one for you?

The entrepreneurial journey makes you feel like it's you against the world?

I know how do you feel.

I launched my first online business when I was in high-school, with no marketing budget or connections.

That business eventually became one of the major video games magazine in Italy.

In the following years, I bought other businesses, launched others, and graduated from one of the top Business School worldwide.
Some of these companies became a success, others not.

In 2017 I was about to launch my new business.

Everything was ready, from the blog posts to the professional logo.

However, a few weeks before the launch, I paused for a minute and asked myself:

"What do I see myself doing in 5 years?"

Starting an online business saved my life. It pushed me to overcome my limiting beliefs and begin to believe in myself.

After 9+ years that I spent mastering my entrepreneurial and marketing skills, I had some experience as a consultant and coach.And I loved them!

Thinking more about what my next step had to be, I realized is not about what you can do. It's about what do you want to do.
And I love connecting with and helping other people.

When I was 19, I promised myself that I would have worked as much as possible to have the freedom to lead a lifestyle that allows me to stay closer to the people that I love. This choice often pointed me towards the less traveled path. It wasn't easy.

I had countless sleepless nights, panic attacks, days where I just wanted to give up, but eventually, I learned something on my path.

I now want you to have the accountability that I didn't have when I felt alone. The advice that I needed when I was looking for clarity.

They say you're the average of the five people you mostly interact. Pick them carefully. Your time is precious.


Get Clarity on Your Strategy and Decisions

"Is This the Right Idea?",
"Why isn’t anyone signing up for my list?",
"How can I stand out?"
Does any of these questions sound familiar to you?

I don't know about you but it often happened to me to get stuck on a decision I had to make about my business.

It took me days to make the decision, and other days to check if it was correct or not. I will help you make the best decision and get unstuck, just send me a message.


Get the Latest Marketing Trends

Make Your Competitors Wonder "How Did You Do This?"

I usually get "insider" info from other entrepreneurs and marketers on the latest trends and platforms.

We will work together to choose the best marketing strategy to help you generate more leads, get more clients, grow and scale by getting more traffic, and build a killer personal brand that will help you stand-out.



Get Accountability, Never Feel Alone Again

Learn from my mistakes to avoid failures

I remember once looking myself in the mirror while I was repeating in my head "You will make it." or "Don't Your Worry It's Fine." 

I used to get in these situations mainly after I lost 570 dollars in a single day on a wrong business I chose to buy. Or that time when after 7 months I still didn't get any progress.

With my coaching, you will have daily access to me via chat.


1-on-1 daily chat  with me

Ultimited Daily Messages
You can send me a message at any time, I'll respond as quickly as I can.

Ask me anything and get response in 24 hours

  • Unlimited Chat-based coaching
  • 2 Monthly 1-Hour Calls
    (Worth $ 200)

Starting from
$14.99 / week

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1-on-1 daily chat + Two 1 hour calls per month

Ultimited Daily Messages
You can send me a message at any time, I'll respond as quickly as I can.

Ask me anything and get response in 24 hours

Two 1-Hour Clarity Calls With Me Each Month

  • Unlimited Chat-based coaching
  • 2 Monthly 1-Hour Calls
    (Worth $ 200)

$279 / month

14-Days Money Back Guaranteed



Get me directly on the phone and ask me anything

Need Clarity?  Get Me On the Phone

$1,67 / minute

See What Some of My Clients Are Saying:

WOW!I really wan't expecting that. I walked away from our call with tons of easy ways to generate more leads using LinkedIn. Thank you, Angelo. Great call!

Brendan Alan Barrett,

In just over 30 minutes, Angelo provided me with focused, actionable information on how to use LinkedIn most effectively in order to generate leads from my specific target audience. This information included best tools to use and sample messages that Angelo uses in his own LinkedIn campaigns for maximum response. I will certainly schedule additional calls with Angelo once my campaign gets underway for consultation on more advanced LinkedIn topics.

David Merkel,
 Merkel Technologies Ltd.

Angelo is one of the greatest Growth Hackers around these days. He his fast, precize and knows exactly how to see every window of opportunity. I could see he is a rising star, but actually I think he is already at such a level that "rising" would not fit his description. He is probably already the best in his marketing. A pleasure to work with and a nice human being.

Sjors Goerman, Juurl

Angelo is a rare breed when it comes to Marketing.He's bright and persuasive, but he's also a class act both personally and professionally. He gets behind products he believes in, but won't push something if he knows it's not in the client's best interest.He knows how to position your brand for maximum exposure. If you're looking for someone to build long-term relationships with clients while boosting your company's profits, Angelo is your man.

Vinay Hhardwaj,

Angelo was on time, listened well to my situation and objectives. He provided me with a clear overview of the chat-bot space, something I was curious about recently. The feedback and consultation on how I can implement this into my own business is very helfpul. Thank you! I will be back.

Joachim Van Erps,

Angelo is world-class at problem-solving and is extremely determined in reaching his goals and vision. He  alsocontinually sharpens his critical thinking, through books, courses and most importantly, practice

Gianmario Calderini, Accenture

Do you have any questions about 1-on-1 coaching with me? Contact me here and I'll be happy to help you out.​