Who is Angelo Sorbello?

My name is Angelo Sorbello, and I began messing with online marketing and entrepreneurship in 2007. I was 13-years old, when a friend of mine just one year older than me, asked me: "Hey, we both like video games, what about creating our reviews of the ones we play." My answer was "Yeah, why not."

Just a few months later, my friend left me behind to focus on his studies (we were just about to start the first year of high-school). So, I began to manage the website on my own and to read around the web as much as possible about web development and SEO (this was all before Social Media came out).

As the website started to grow, what I thought was: "Hey, I now have a huge magazine, let's try to get games to play for free from the companies, in exchange for our press coverage." So I started to get in contact with the people in charge of the Press Relations for video games businesses in Italy and worldwide.

Most of the times sending the number of visits and page views we were getting was enough to have them sending us all the games they were distributing one week before they were available on the market.
Sometimes they were not replying to my emails, so I had to camouflage my voice putting a pillow in front of my mouth (all the time was "Can you speak louder?!") when I was calling them asking for however was in charge of the PR office. I still had a baby voice in fact 🙂

Most of the visits were coming from Organic Search, and the rest from partnerships that I was creating with other players in the industry (contests, interviews, previews, etc.). I, in fact, managed to have different websites to link us for the keyword "video games review/recensioni videogiochi" and other relevant keywords, generating a Google PageRank 4 for my site, which led me in about one year to lead one the most influential magazine about video games in Italy. At that time, I was still enrolled in the second year of high school.

I was in fact, managing a team of 30 writers (that were all at least ten years older than me), negotiating advertisements deals with companies (Microsoft was between them), and dealing every day with PR guys from the video games businesses that wanted us to talk about their upcoming games.

As I was getting a lot of liquidity, I saw some new opportunities on the Online Marketing forums where to invest. I just bought (Financial Sector), (Entertainment) and other websites, as I saw great potential to position them in high-competitive but valuable keywords, leveraging my SEO skills. It's what I did, and in a matter of six months, I now had now three magazines getting a lot of daily visits for high-revenue keywords on Adsense.

In the meantime, I was also creating websites and consulting about Online Marketing for entrepreneurs that were friends of my parents or that I was connecting with on topic-related forums (sharing, most of all, my knowledge of content marketing and on how to optimize your website to earn with Google Adsense.)

The problem was, I was probably getting too much money for a 15 years old guy. My grades started to become lower and lower (I was earning more than my teachers, this was a bit demotivating for me...). I guess it's funny as I now love learning and read more than five books per months. I'm also enrolled in a European top-Business School.

In that period also several anxiety problems kicked in. For this reason, I started to spend less time online, and more in the real world, even trying to invest in an offline business (bad choice!!! What I learned is that you should always invest in what you deeply understand. I lost a lot of money on this single investment, and didn't sleep for several days straight because of that.)

In the meantime, however, I connected with a great mentor that suggested me to apply for the best university I was able to get admitted to for the field that I was most interesting about (Business of course). I still thank him for this advice, as it led me to the right road. Your environment defines who you are. I also made wonderful friendships that are still solid, discovered my love for books, and co-founded a charity association that was helping low-income families in my area (I come from Sicily, where 27,3% of the families have an average income under the poverty threshold.(source))

So, even if between 2012 and 2013 my online magazines lose thousands of dollars concerning value, I was happy.

In 2013 I started university, in the one considered by many the most prominent Business School in Italy for the Economics and Business field. The environment was high-demanding for me, and I wanted to learn new things, so I sold all the magazines for a good sum (even if they lost a lot of value, as I already said, in the last two years.) After that, I haven't thought about Online Marketing for a while, as I wanted to focus more on what was a priority for me at that time: my studies.

In 2015 I spent four months in the cold Estonia for an Exchange program. While I was there, the school was less time-consuming, so I wanted to put myself out with a side-project that I tried to build with one of my best friends. The idea was to create an e-Learning platform with courses related just the Self-Development niche.

The project was able to make me revitalize my huge interest in Online Marketing and Entrepreneurship. It made me also discover how much it became harder to rank a website on Google than five years ago, and it made develop different skills that I now leverage every day. Besides that, even if the project was going well actually, after one year we decided to shut it down and sell it to the highest bidder. The reason? We just wanted to focus on building a different type of skills, and we both didn't want to become too much involved in the full-of-fluff Personal Development industry.

I then started my Master of Science in Management with Major in Entrepreneurship, still at Bocconi University. In the spare time, I began consulting for different startups and businesses of friends and friends-of-friends for Startup Marketing and Growth Hacking (the topic on which I wrote my bachelor thesis) and more in general, Online Marketing.

In the last days of February 2017, I launched this personal website, which goal is simply to write about the new things I learn and stretch out my Online Marketing skills with brand new experiments and tests.

Some of the Companies I've Been Working With Or Where My Content Has Appeared


Some Numbers About Me

9+ Years Experience
3 Business Launched
More than 10,000 Hours Spent Mastering Online Marketing Skills


Content Marketing & Copywriting
Funnel & Email Marketing
Conversion Rate Optimization
Business Analytics
Behavioral Psychology

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