8 Free Tools that Will Make You the MacGyver of Productivity and Business (On Cyber Monday)

By Angelo Sorbello

black friday deals

So, it’s Cyber Monday today. 🛍

I see deals everywhere, but I want to buck the trend

My girlfriend knows how much I can (weirdly) get excited about a brand new tool or software

I just love them. They merely simplify your life, they might even help you to Growth Hack a platform, even if overall, it’s your mindset that makes a difference.

Here’s the full list of the FREE tools that I use for my Productivity and Business,

-Trello. Easily manage your tasks


The easiest way to get a person’s email with just a click!

It’s always with me in my browser.

-Grammarly. Correct your grammar and style.

-Buffer. Schedule your content so that you can keep your consistency up

-Sumo. Free tools for your websites (heat-map, overlays, etc.)

I tried many similar plugins, but Sumo it’s the only one that never gave me problems.

-Newsfeed eradicator. Eradicate the newsfeed from Facebook

so you can remain focused

– Inbox when ready.

Need to check a specific email in your inbox but don’t want to get distracted but new requests? Amazing productivity tool

– Moz. It’s an easy to use SEO Chrome Extension, to check the Domain Authority and other stuff real quick.

Each one of the tools enlisted has at least a free version:

Now it’s your turn.

What is your favorite FREE tool?


About the Author

I’m a Daring Growth Marketer with 9+ years of experience in the field, crafted by building a group of online magazines in Italy, including one of the most important in the video games niche.

I then launched and subsequently sold an e-learning related startup, and advised several startups and SMEs.